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Download software for lottery, lotto, blackjack, roulette, sports betting, gambling, horse-racing. Most software at this site consists of one-of-a-kind programs. You won't find similar applications no matter where you search for, or how much you'd be willing to pay for.

There is the main software page that describes how to download, install, and run the applications. The first-time visitors are strongly advised to read that page first and foremost. It is not hard at all for all the benefits this very powerful software provides:

The software titles are grouped by common functions in seven categories. Each category has a specific download page. Meaningful descriptions are attached to every program, plus links to more detailed articles. The seven software categories are indexed from 5.1 to 5.7. Meaningful descriptions of the categories follow. Then, software titles, packages, bundles, and programs for a specific game type will round up this resource.

This is the Web site to download best software for lotto, lottery, mathematics and much more.

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MDIEditor Lotto is intelligent lottery software, Powerball, Mega Millions, gambling software.

Ultimate Software is the pinnacle of lottery, lotto, horse racing software: hard to improve on.

  • The following 5 Web pages introduce and present the Ultimate Software for pick 3 4, lotto 5 6, horse racing trifectas. It seems just about impossible to improve on these outstanding pieces of software… in the near future, anyway.

    We present specific software for lottery, lotto games, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions.

    • More specific software for pick-3 lottery

  • SuperPower = after unzipping LOTWON99.ZIP; 16-bit command prompt (DOS) software; superseded by the software packages that follow;
  • Pick332.EXE: The 32-bit version supersedes the older, less powerful 16-bit LOTWON3.EXE;

    • More specific software for pick-4 lottery

  • SuperPower = after unzipping LOTWON99.ZIP; 16-bit command prompt (DOS) software; superseded by the software packages that follow:
  • Pick432.EXE: The 32-bit version supersedes the older, less powerful 16-bit SuperPower;

    • More specific software for 5-number lotto games

  • Pick532.EXE: 32-bit software for 5-number lotto games;

    • More specific software for 6-number lotto games

  • SuperPower = after unzipping LOTWON99.ZIP; 16-bit command prompt (DOS) software; superseded by the software packages that follow:
  • Pick632.EXE: The 32-bit version supersedes the older, less powerful 16-bit SuperPower;

    Run the best lotto software with powerful winning systems, strategies, lottery wheels.

    • More specific software for 7-number lotto games

  • LOTWON7.EXE: 16-bit command prompt (DOS) software; outdated; lotto-7 is not nearly as well represented as the 5- and 6-number lotto games;
  • Util732.exe: 32-bit software that crunches the lotto 7 (drawing 7 winning lotto numbers).

    • More specific software for '5+1' lotto games: Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Super Lotto, etc.
    These games are not nearly as well represented as the 5- and 6-number lotto games.

  • UtilPB.exe: 32-bit software that handles the Powerball, Mega Millions, Thunderball type of lotto games (drawing 5 winning regular numbers plus one Power Ball or Mega Ball).

    • More specific software for the '5+2' lotto game named Euromillions
    This game is not nearly as well represented as the 5- and 6-number lotto games.

  • UtilEU.exe: 32-bit software that handles the Euromillions lotto game (drawing 5 winning regular numbers plus 2 Star numbers).

    • More specific software for horse racing

  • LOTWONH.EXE: 16-bit command prompt (DOS) software; outdated; superseded by the software packages that follow:
  • PickH32.EXE: The 32-bit version supersedes the older, less powerful 16-bit LotWonH.EXE; works for trifectas, not superfectas.

    Run software to win casino gambling: blackjack, baccarat, roulette, sports betting.

    • Specific software for blackjack and baccarat

  • BJAQK.EXE, Blackjack.exe, probability and statistical analyzing programs of thousands of blackjack hands from the perspective of a strict blackjack basic strategy player.
  • BAQKARAT.EXE, Baccarat.exe, probability and statistical analyzers of thousands of baccarat hands for the three outcomes: Banker, Player, and Push (Tie).

    • Specific software for roulette

  • RouletteHemis.exe, roulette spins analyzer regarding the slot location and the Birthday Paradox;
  • SPINS.exe, roulette spin generating application, plus a statistical analyzer of the roulette spins;
  • Roulette.exe, does what SPINS.EXE does, and then some; this program adds a new system to the free roulette system #1 presented on the main roulette.htm page;
  • SuperRoulette.exe, accompanies the incredible Super Roulette Strategy with the Best Roulette Systems Ever Released. Read that material carefully, for you could strike gold, really BIG, in real casinos.

    • Specific software for sports betting

  • Sports.xls, NFL2001.xls, Toto1x2.xls: Templates in Excel spreadsheet software to use with the sports betting system presented on the pages: "Sports Prognosticating or Betting: Best System" and "Analysis of the Results of SPORTS.XLS, the Sport Bet Spreadsheets";
  • BETUS32.exe, intelligent random combination generator for sports betting, the American way; the player bets on either the favorite team to win by more than the point spread, or the underdog to lose by less than the point spread;
  • AMBET.exe, is much like BETUS32.EXE — but with a twist! You can add W or L at the end of a team name; add W if the team was a winner in the previous game (week); add L if the team lost the last game (week);
  • TEAMS.exe, combination generator for sports betting; the player selects any number of games, then the number of outcomes.

    Get software theory of probability, statistics, permutations, combinations, random words, numbers.

    • Miscellaneous software for mathematics, probability theory, combinatorics, statistics (software category 5.6)

  • SCIENTIA.EXE is the collection of the most important programs in software category 5.6: The best scientific software for mathematics, probability, statistics, combinatorics. It is highly recommended to download and use SCIENTIA.EXE as individual programs might not get updated and uploaded separately. You'll always get the up-to-the-date version of SCIENTIA.EXE.

    Scientia is the best collection of programs for mathematics, probability, scientific software.

  • SuperFORMULA.EXE: The 32-bit software sports dozens of functions in theory of probability and statistics, including FFG, degree of certainty, probabilities and odds, standard deviation, etc.
  • PermuteCombine.EXE: The combinatorics software calculates and generates exponents (Ion Saliu's sets), permutations, arrangements, and combinations for any numbers and words (names); the sets can be sequential (lexicographic order) or random.
  • LexicographicSets.EXE: The combinatorics software finds the index, or order, or rank, or numeral of all types of sets: exponents, permutations, arrangements, and combinations; conversely, the program finds (constructs) the set for a given index, or order, or rank, or numeral;
  • Combinations.EXE: Software to generate combinations for absolutely any type of lotto game, plus horseracing straight sets. Specifically to this program, the combinations can be generated in steps. That is, the user has the choice to generate lotto combinations with constant gaps or skips between them. Furthermore, this program generates lotto combinations within a range of numbers and/or between two lexicographic indexes (ranks).
  • WRITER.EXE: The probability theory software randomly generates words and sentences; the words are of variable length; the sentences (phrases) can be of variable lengths.

  • OddsCalc.EXE: The probability theory software calculates all the odds in lotto games, including Powerball/Mega Millions, Euromillions, Keno, horseracing following the official method used by the lottery commissions.
  • BirthdayParadox.EXE: Mathematical software (combinatorics, probability theory) that calculates the probability of two persons sharing the same birthday; and much more (collisions, duplications, coincidences).
  • Collisions.EXE: The most accurate and comprehensive software for calculations in the probability of duplication (or collisions, or coincidences, or repetition), including the tiny Birthday Paradox. The software performs the calculations both ways:
    1) Calculate the probability (degree of certainty) when the number of persons (elements) is known;
    2) Calculate the number of persons (elements) when the probability (degree of certainty) is known.

  • OccupancySaliuParadox.EXE ~ The probability theory software -
    1) simulates Ion Saliu's Paradox of N Trials. The player selects, for example, the 10 numbers case; the number of trials N = 10 in this case. The program generates randomly 10 numbers from 1 to 10. Each run of 10 trials will show also how many numbers are missing (numbers NOT drawn in a run of 10 trials). At the end, the program calculates the average of unique numbers per run. That value always tends to 1 — 1/e or close to 63%.
    2) The Classical Occupancy Problem: There are N elements in a set; e.g. the 10 digits from 0 to 9. The program generates the numbers randomly until all would have appeared.

  • Fibonacci.EXE generates Fibonacci numbers and calculates the golden ratio between two consecutive terms of the Fibonacci series.
  • Streaks.EXE: The probability software calculates the number of like-streaks in a number of trials. For example: how many streaks of exactly 5 consecutive heads in 1000 coin tosses?
  • DrawIndex.EXE: Combinatorics software applied to lotto games. The program opens a lotto data file (past drawings) and calculates the combination lexicographical order for every lotto and lottery drawing in the specified range. The rank, or index, or lexicographical order is written to a new file, next to the corresponding draw. Applicable to most lotto game formats, plus Powerball / Mega Millions '5+1' and Euromillions '5+2', plus horseracing trifectas.

  • Shuffle.EXE is general-purpose shuffling lottery, lotto, gambling software: lottery random generation and text files scrambling. The program applies three methods of randomization or shuffling. The software also generates combinations for all lotto games, including Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions. The combinations tend to be like in real-life: the software generates unordered random numbers.
  • Sorting.EXE sorts the lotto data files (drawings, results) in ascending order. The software also sorts numerical or text files by one or more columns (fields).

  • XC.EXE: The administrative software employs the XCOPY command of the Command Prompt to offer the best and easiest method to backup often-modified directories (folders) and files. The best backup software is also FREE to download, run, and modify at will!

    The best software is absolutely free to run, but downloading requires a small fee.

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